5 Tools To Boost Your Blog

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By now you’ve been writing for a few months, promoting your blog as much as possible and not seeing any results come from it. I’ve been there friend! I know the struggle first hand of wanting to get your blog out there for everyone to see. Maybe you’re a brand and trying to get a few sales out to your customers but aren’t seeing anything happen. Frustrated? I bet! I’ve actually thought of a few tools to help you and make sure that your brand or blog is on the right path. What are some of these great tools you might ask? Let me share some with you below!

1. Hosts – No, not like the host you have when you’re having a party, but a host that will in a sense, host your blog. There are lots of various website hosts out there so which do you want to choose from? Of course you don’t have to go with the most expensive but some of my current favorites are WordPress and Bluehost for their easy to use designs, affordable packages and friendly customer service.

2. Yoast SEO Plugin + RankCrew – When I was a new blogger, anything related to search engine optimization freaked me out. However, that totally changed when I downloaded this plugin. The Yoast SEO Plugin will help you optimize your blog post title, URL, and even the content inside your article. Plus, right inside the plugin you can put together your meta description, update your SEO title, and choose the keyword you want to use to represent your post. If you don’t have this plugin already, I absolutely recommend downloading it, and it’s free! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or don’t use WordPress, why not ease your worries and check out RankCrew. RankCrew is a website company that specializes integrating SEO keywords, backlinks and more to help get your blog the boost it needs! They have over 16+ years of experience. Who am I talking about? The experienced team of course! All of the links are run through a back linking service and you get a detailed report of everything that was done to your website. How cool is that? There are several different packages to choose from depending on what stage your personal blog or business is in!

3. Hootsuite is my other favorite social media management system. I use this one specifically for my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Hootsuite is awesome because you can schedule up to 350 tweets or messages at once. Can you imagine how much time you would save? That way, instead of coming up with new things to share everyday, I can designate one specific time each week to work on it. Plus, if you want to, you can even connect Hootsuite to your Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ accounts.

4. Board Booster – Board Booster is a great Pinterest scheduling tool. It lets you schedule your pins ahead of time and makes sure you Pinterest is active and thriving at all times. I love Pinterest, but I also know that I tend to spend a lot longer time there than I need to. Having Board Booster saves time and makes me more productive. I love using Board Booster to schedule out my own pins, that way I know for sure that I put my content in front of new people regularly. They offer a free trial of a 100 pins, so you can try it out to see if it works for you!

5. PicMonkey – If you’re looking for a free option when it comes to photo editing and graphic design, PicMonkey is the perfect place to go. You can design something from scratch, edit photos, put together collages, touch up images, plus more. I used PicMonkey to create all sort of photos that I want to use for my blog including collages, fun Pinterest and marketable photos and more!

With so many great tools and tricks out there, you should have no problem starting any of these today to bring your blog to it’s full potential. What tools will you use to build your blog? Are there any tools not mentioned here that you think would be a good fit? I can’t wait to hear what you come up with! Let’s get your blog out there!

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