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Moms! Why Taking Care of Yourself FIRST Is Important!

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This quote speaks so many truths! This is something I, and I think most moms, have been guilty of. We moms put our kids and even our husbands before ourselves, and eventually, it takes its toll.

We have to learn that it’s OK and NECESSARY to put our needs first! What good are we going to be to our kids if we’re unhealthy, run down, and way too overwhelmed to even function properly?

We NEED to make sure we are eating properly and staying active to stay healthy. We NEED to take some time out of each day, at least 30 minutes, to have to OURSELVES – kid-free and husband or partner free!

This is our time to do something for ourselves – soak in the tub, read a book, go for a walk, work out, work on a hobby, take a nap, etc. This is important, and it’s necessary to not only keep our sanity, but it gives us a chance to relax and reset our minds.

We also need to stop sacrificing our dreams because we’re so busy being moms and wives. Our dreams are just as important as our kids’ dreams. How can we tell our kids to go for their dreams and not let anything stop them from making them come true if WE’RE not going for our own dreams? We’re not setting a very good example for them, are we?

The most important thing to remember – DON’T let ANYONE make you feel guilty for taking care of YOU!

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